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May 5


Yes, I’m still here. Lurking, but here. I’m easier to catch on FB. A few of you are already over there with me. Inbox me if you need more 411 on that…if I recognize you, or you msg your tumblr name, I will prob recognize you.

May 5

Story book endings never reveal, there just someone’s way of leading us here

May 5


Molly. Nice to meet another who recognizes the love and insights Dan gave us through his music. Thanks for the blog, it’s a wonderful place to be inspired, and mourn the music that will never be.  Joshua

Apr 1

Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Dan Fogelberg

Mar 3

Lessons Learned
Dan Fogelberg

Mar 2

To The Morning
Dan Fogelberg


Dan Fogelberg - “To the Morning”

Thinking about leaving Tumblr again…finding much more love over on FB lately.

I have such a love-hate relationship with everything lately. Why is that? Can’t people just appreciate what I do without backstabbing me with an insult later, or comparing me to another person?